How to gain Immigration points in Canada

How to gain Immigration points in Canada?

While applying for an immigration visa in Canada, you need to gain at least 67 points to get your visa application approved. The IRCC (Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada) contains a calculation system to examine the qualifications of each applicant. If the applicant has less than 67 points then the application gets rejected.

Thousands of migrants apply to gain citizenship in Canada every year. The IRCC is the prime decision-making center for immigration visas. IRCC constantly updates immigration plans and rules to offer an effortless process to people who want to gain citizenship.

The 67 Canada immigration point system was introduced to make the citizenship process simpler for applicants. Your immigration consultant will explain this whole process easier for you.

6 factors influencing the points

6 factors influence your Canada immigration visa processes, on these factors, the points are allotted, these factors are:

  • Education: The applicant can get points for every degree, diploma, higher education, or certification they bear. The candidate has to provide all the right documents along with the application.
  • Language: The applicant must have an English proficiency score, to ensure proper survival in Canada. The candidate must be fluent in writing, reading, speaking, and listening.
  • Work Experience: Work experience is a mandatory factor. You’ll be able to get your PR more easily if you spend 30 hours a week in a full-time job in your field of interest.
  • Age: This is also another crucial factor. If the applicant is over the age of 18, they can get points.
  • Adaptability: Candidates can also score based on their spouse’s CRS score. You can get extra points if your spouse works in Canada too.
  • Permanent Job: To get a PR you need to hold a permanent job at an organization that is based in Canada.

If you have the aforementioned factors then you’ll be able to get your PR very easily. Get in touch with My Udaan’s best immigration consultants to ensure your visa approval.


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