Advantages of Studying in Australia

When an individual starts planning to study in a foreign country for their higher studies then Australia is considered one of the best countries because it provides high-quality education and a wide range of courses are offered. Besides that, greater career opportunities in Australia attract lots of students for pursuing their further education in Australia.

Some key reasons to choose Australia

Australia has one of the best education systems in the world, so the institution requires some proper way for you to apply in:

Easy Acceptance for Study visa Request

Australian study visa (subclass 500) requires completing various necessities to get your study visa in Australia approval easily. For instance, you have to submit a letter of acceptance for certified college or university and also have to submit health insurance for the period of your stay.

High-Class Institutes

Australia has the best colleges and universities with the top-most rankings in the world and that represents the quality of the education, it offers. Moreover, there are total 43 universities in Australia and you can easily choose the best university according to your field of study.

Multicultural Society

Another reason for getting higher education in Australia follows multiculturalism in their country and their love to meet different people and learn their languages and cultures. Thus, it is very easy to adjust in this country because of the sense of belongingness and the hospitable environment, the natives create.

Part-time Work

Australia allows an individual to work 40 hours per fortnight (2 weeks) and full-time work is allowed during vacations. Moreover, it is a very good aspect because you have to manage your daily expenses.


Australia has three intakes in a year and you have to decide about your intake according to the course availability and according to the time left for the intake.

  • First intake: This intake starts in mid-January February and it is considered the major intakes and all the available courses are available under this intake.
  • Second intake: The second intake for education in Australia starts in the last weeks of July and ends in early August.
  • Third intake: The last intake for Australia starts in September and the end of this intake is in mid-November.

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