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Why Choose Canada for Higher Studies?

In past years Canada has emerged as the priority of students due to various reasons but the most prominent reason is the high-quality education offered by them. Canada’s education is ranked as one of the best educational systems in the world and Canada’s education is based on practical knowledge rather than theoretical knowledge.
In addition to it, Canadian colleges and universities offer a wide range of diplomas, undergraduate and post-graduate degrees. Moreover, the diplomas offered in Canada are very valuable and an individual can easily get a job in the concerned field. Canada is also considered the safest country for international students because Canada is a multicultural country and they even celebrate multiculturalism day on 27th June every year.
Moving further, a Canada study visa allows a learner to work 20 hours per week so that students can manage their daily expenses and this also helps you to gain valuable experience and create a network. In addition to it, you can also work full-time during their semester breaks.

Process of Turning Dream into Reality

You need to follow some given below steps of getting a Canada study visa.

Apply to Designated Learning Institute (DLI)

Firstly, you should always apply to designated learning institutes because they are approved for admitting international students. An individual will apply for an offer letter to the college or university of their choice and the concerned college/university will send you the offer letter after checking your eligibility and seats available in the chosen course.

Payment of Fees

After receiving the offer letter, fees should be paid before the deadline and according to the rules of the Canadian government you have to pay at least 1-year tuition fees to the college. Besides that, never forget to download fees receipt from the official website of the college or university.


GIC refers to a guaranteed investment certificate and you have to deposit CAD$ 10,000 or more, to any bank approved by the Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation. The purpose of GIC is to provide financial support to a student; GIC is given to the student in installments in 10 to 12 months.


Once you paid your tuition fees and GIC for education in Canada, then you have to go through a medical examination from the panel of a physician. Moreover, the average charges for a medical study permit Canada are around Rs. 6,000 and a medical is valid for 1 year.

Prepare Documents

Now, with the help of Canada student visa consultants prepare required documents for student visa applications. An applicant requires all the fees payment receipt, GIC payment receipt, educational certificates, income tax return statement of the previous two to three years. Apart from that, you should gather the 6-month-old bank account statements and it is also advised to gather to get statements of all your investments and saving to represent yourself financially strong enough that your family can support you financially for your studies. Besides that, all other required documents should be given to the Canada study visa consultants in Chandigarh.

Lodge the Visa Application

Before applying for a Canadian study visa an individual should make sure that all the information you are providing to a Canadian agency is true and false information or documents should be avoided. Moving further, you need to create a GCKEY account on Canada’s official website in order to lodge a visa application. Moreover, the best Canada student visa consultants in Mohali always provide genuine services to their clients and never allow fake documents in visa applications because that will affect their reputation in the market.

Get the Biometrics Done

Now you have to get the biometrics done from the listed visa application centers (VAC) in India and for this, you have to get an appointment for biometrics. Moreover, biometrics validity is for 10 years and if in past you have given biometrics for a temporary visa or permanent visa then you are exempted from biometrics. Besides that, Canada study visa consultants also provide services in biometrics appointment booking without any extra charges.

Wait for Visa Approval

Lastly, now you have to wait for the results from the Canadian embassy and they provide you updates on your application by sending emails. Moreover, they can ask for more information from you if needed while processing your visa request.