Singapore Study Immigration Consultants

Singapore has a very desirable environment for students to pursue their higher studies. It offers a varied mix of the best educational services. Getting to study in Singapore is a great opportunity for many students. Its prosperous blend of cultures, arts, and architecture is a great experience for students to live in. It has many excellent centers of education and research.
To make your study in Singapore dream come true, you need to find the best Singapore study visa consultants. My Udaan has the best consultants that will make this whole process a piece of cake for you. They will ensure, you get your student visa for Singapore with the least of your effort and at the most reasonable price.

Requirements for a study visa

To get a student visa in Singapore, you need a handful of documents to get your study visa approved, those are:

1. Evidence of adequate funds, this is very important you need to have proper funds in order to support yourself.
2. Confirmation letter from a registered university of Singapore.
3. Valid passport and two passport-sized photos, the passport must be valid till your departure date.
4. Birth certificates, you must provide your genuine birth certificate.
5. Resume as well as 3 letters of recommendation.
6. Visa fee receipt and 3 completely filled application forms.
7. Qualification transcripts of your degree (if any) and all the others and scores of your language proficiency test.
8. Health and travel insurances.
9. Fully-vaccinated proofs.

Your Singapore study visa consultants will assist you in preparing all these documents.

Process of applying for the study visa

The process of applying for a Singapore study visa might be different for every student, depending on the institute they’ve got admission into, some steps that your application will go through are:

    • After the submission of your application, it’ll take a maximum of 15 days or 4 weeks for visa processing.
    • The candidate might be interviewed depending on the university they have gotten admission into, the applicant will be informed earlier.
    • The processed visa will be sent straight to the candidate through mail or can be collected at the embassy.
    • The Singapore study visa will then be submitted to the ICA, at least two months before the beginning of the academic session.

Why study in Singapore?

Singapore has many well-respected universities like the NTU and NUS, which are one of the top-ranked universities in the world, for their state-of-art and the best quality programs. Your Singapore study visa consultants will guide you in choosing a course and the best institute according to it. Its cheap cost of living and reasonable tuition fees are huge factors in the migration of students to Singapore.
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