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What to do when rejected from your dream institute?

study visa consultant can provide you with more institutes to apply in. Most of the colleges only accept 5% of the applicants. You’ll find a university more convenient and better suited for you. There are many amazing colleges that you are bound to get into, eventually.

Getting rejected from your dream college can be quite gut-wrenching so we’d suggest taking some time off and you don’t necessarily have to deal with it all at once. Allow yourself some time and respond when the shock has worn off. You can consult your immigration agent on what to do next.

Some other options

There are many other options to consider when you’ve faced elimination; your study visa agent must have informed you about an appeal letter that you can submit. Although, not all colleges accept appeal letters some do give the option. Your student visa consultant will let you know about the universities that do.

Consider some other colleges that proffer the same courses and you can get accepted easily. Many other great colleges will accept students effortlessly; the best immigration consultant will help you get back on your feet in no time.

You can even consider taking a gap year where you can learn new skills, do some volunteer work, travel around or do an internship regarding your course.

Sometimes silly mistakes can be the cause of your rejection, so make sure you don’t make them anymore or in your study visa application.

If you’re someone going through nonacceptance from your dream university or looking for a consultant to get into your dream institute then you should definitely check out My Udaan for the best immigration consultancy in Mohali. Our experts will make sure you don’t get rejected and by any chance you do, we’ll help you get accepted into another just as amazing university.


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